Capital Ready Package

Our grant-subsidized offering guarantees a minimum of a $100,000 capital raise regardless of time in business or personal credit scores.

How is this possible?  As developed and influenced by SBA/SBDC Advisors, SCORE Mentors, college professors, and business bankers, our systematic approach to raising capital always works as we identify the right source(s) of capital for your mitigating circumstances and work with you to meet the underwriting criteria of the selected source of capital.


Specifically, we will do the following:

  1. Create a lender-compliant loan package which is necessary for most business loans/funding ($5,000 value);
  2. Assist in optimizing business credit profiles, i.e., Dun & Bradstreet PAYDEX scores, to improve access to capital under your EIN ($3,000 value);
  3. If needed, assist in optimizing personal credit profiles ($1,000 value); and
  4. Improve business financial literacy through the completion of important topics.


With the grant-subsidization, the normal $499 enrollment/processing fee is being waived and only a $2,500 refundable deposit is collected at the time of enrollment.  The deposit is fully returned as long as the client complies with the grant-requirements, i.e., completes at least a $100,000 capital raise.

This not in your budget?  No worries, get started for only $99 here.

$100,000 GUARANTEE

All participants in the Capital Ready Package are guaranteed at least $100,000 in funding and we'll will continue to assist you until that minimum goal is reached.  The length of time to reach that goal is impacted by the client's starting point, selected type(s) of capital, compliance with the process, etc.


  • Submit Inquiry Form (below) and we'll send you a DocuSign-based participation agreement within 1-2 business days.
  • You'll complete the DocuSign and submit the refundable deposit.
  • Within 1-2 business days, we'll begin working with you on your loan package (business plan, financial projections, etc.).
  • Weekly support calls/webinars with your dedicated support person in addition to unlimited email support.
  • Within 30 days, we should have your loan package assembled and ready for funding.  If there is an inconsistency of your funding goals and compliance with underwriting criteria, we'll begin resolving inconsistencies.


Throughout the process, you'll have a dedicated support person who is available to answer your questions, support you, educate you, and motivate you.



  • The business credit process that I engaged in with the Business Finance Suite has allowed me to establish my company’s corporate credit, expand my business operation, and take my company to the next level.
    Chad Cotton
    Straight Line Funding, Carlsbad CA
  • I believe that Business Finance Suite has opened up possibilities for my business in the future that I could never have imagined, and then every business owner can benefit from Business Finance Suite.
    Cheryl Risner
    Score Restore, Elm Grove LA
  • I was able to get a Paydex rating of 80 from Dun & Bradstreet that allowed me to then access larger revolving lines of credit with Macy’s, Staples and with Amazon. At the end of about six months I had about 10 different trade lines that allowed me to then make application for Visa and MasterCard of $5,000 and $10,000.
    Robert Lefcort
    Great American Credit Repair Company, Boca Raton, FL